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Brain Washed
by Rev. David Nofziger

Brainwashed is a word with a very bad connotation. It signifies an enemy taking someone and forcibly changing what he believes by using the repetition of words, visuals, and other means. If the brainwashing is complete, the brainwashed person will not only do what the enemy wants him to do, but will do it with all his heart believing it is the right thing to do. Scary stuff.

But when we separate the word, Brain Washed can take on a whole new connotation. Have you ever wished you could simply wash your brain of all the negative thoughts and painful memories? Sadly, memories cannot be washed away, but what if our brain could be cleansed or renewed? What if memories could be changed in a way that reduced pain and guilt? What if we could feel loved, valued, forgiven? Is that possible . . . ?

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