Passing the Baton

     Communication is hard in marriage.  I frequently begin marriage counseling by asking what issues the couple is facing; the number one answer is poor communication.  It is easy to become defensive and hard to be vulnerable and honest.  When I get defensive, my fight/flight coping mechanism comes into play, making healthy communication difficult.  I …

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Date Your Mate

     Many years ago, I read an article by a female Psychologist entitled “Date Your Mate.”   She stated that it is a sad commentary on marriage that we stop dating after we get married.  It seems the romance and spark leave the relationship at that point.  She began the article by recalling a recent vacation.  …

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We Need to Talk

     These are four words we often dread hearing from our spouse.  We immediately feel like we are being called into the Principal’s Office.  The tension is building before he or she has said a word.  Let me give you a typical scenario of what happens next.  I will speak from a man’s perspective since …

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