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Professional Counseling from a Biblical Perspective
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HOPE ALIVE COUNSELING HAS BEEN PROVIDING QUALITY PASTORAL COUNSELING TO THE PEOPLE OF NORTHWEST OHIO SINCE FEBRUARY 1989.  Our staff is made up of ordained and licensed ministers who are not only trained in the scriptures and pastoral care, but have specialized training in mental health as well.

 Hope Alive Counseling Services
320 Jackson Ave.
Defiance, OH  43512
Telephone (419) 782-5497



Counseling by appointment only.  Saturday and Evening appointments available.

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Do you know someone who may be experiencing...
Marriage and Family Problems
Depressed Mood
Deep Grief
Severe Stress
Anger Management Problems
Spiritual Struggles
or some other problem?

Hope Alive Counseling has been providing quality Pastoral Counseling to residents of Northwest Ohio for over 27 years
 What is pastoral counseling?


     Professional pastoral counseling has been our forte since our office opened in 1989.  Pastoral counseling is counseling performed by clergy in their role as pastoral care givers.  Our counselors have specialized training in both theology and mental health through which we seek to help the whole person - mentally and spiritually.

     Pastoral counseling is helpful in relationship problems such as marriage and family dysfunction, as well as non-illness related individual problems such as deep grief, low self-esteem, severe stress, anger management, spiritual questions, and co-dependency.